The Restful Treviso

I had never planned to stay in Treviso. When my flight from Venice was rescheduled, I used the extra couple of days to explore a new town. Located just north of Venice, Treviso shares many similar attributes with its neighbour – canals flowing past buildings, traditional architecture, and an abundance of pizzerias. The main difference is that it is devoid of tourists – not to mention the city is deserted from 12-4 when all the shops close. It was such a drastic comparison coming from the packed streets of Venice.

The Streets of Treviso, June 2016

The border of the city is surrounded by old stone walls, a narrow canal, and a swath of green space. I had booked a place just outside the wall, which meant I crossed this threshold to and from the city center each day.

The canals that run between the buildings in the center of the town were all well equipped with watermills. Although I doubt they do much these days, they do provide the soothing sound of flowing water.

This unexpected journey ended up being one of the highlights of my trip – particularly because of my host, who was a Prosecco dealer (the region’s best known industry) and supplied the most delicious cornetto pastry that still haunts my tastebuds. My stay in Treviso felt ‘authetic’ –  one of those rare cases where I felt more like a resident, rather than a tourist.




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