The Waters of Lake Garda

The town of Sirmione, in the Veneto region of Italy, is comprised of a peninsula jutting into Lake Garda. Encircled by dramatic mountains, the fresh water lake is the largest in Italy  – and perfect for swimming.

Sirmione, June 2016
Lake Garda, June 2016

Grabbing our towels, we hopped on a bus in Verona to Sirmione on a beautifully sunny day (after asking many locals about the vague bus schedule while also severely butchering the pronunciation of ‘Sirmione’). The massive lake was refreshing after the trek.

There were various hot springs around the edges of the peninsula, however we did not venture in as the easy-to-spot ones were filled with kids splashing around in the confined space.

This town also had great historical stone structures throughout, not to mention a centrally located castle along the coast that was impossible to miss.

With all the makings of a prime day trip, Sirmione was predictably bustling and catering to tourists – which meant countless gelato vendors.

Sirmione was the perfect beach day.

Sirmione, June 2016



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