The Campus of Malaquais

Courtyard of Malaquais, June 2016

As my semester abroad in Paris comes to an end, I realize I never documented my school’s campus. I studied for six months at École Nationale Superieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais (otherwise known as Malaquais), located in central Paris within the Beaux Arts complex. There is so much history embedded into the walls – accompanied by graffiti. The Beaux Arts school stands as a historically important academy due to the teachings defining an architectural movement from 1885-1920 known as ‘Beaux Arts’. I kept imagining the important architects and artists that had also passed through these buildings. I would have loved to see the campus in its glory days. The statues and paintings have seen better days, with extensive renovations being carried out in many areas.

Walkway Surrounding the Courtyard of Malaquais, June 2016

Once inside, the classical aesthetic of the exterior falls away and large, white classrooms provide the open and versatile work spaces.

Passageway through the School, June 2016

The beauty and history of the campus is something that I will miss while I return to my school in Canada, where an industrial and modern aesthetic dominate.


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