The Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey

The Palace of Westminster

Or rather, the Houses of Parliament. I am not entirely versed in the inner workings of English government, so I am not entirely sure what happens within these buildings. All I know is that the buildings look impressive and important, so I took a photo.

The Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, April 2016

Westminster Abbey, the place of royal weddings. Coincidentally, while I was visiting England, Will and Kate celebrated their 5 year anniversary.




  1. Thanks for this series of travel/architecture entries. I re-live my travels through your thoughtful, well-written and usually eye-opening tales. The world really is beautiful, isn’t it!

    All the best, Bruce.

    Bruce Anderson Teacher, RRHS



    1. Hi Bruce, thank you so much! I have really enjoyed sharing my experiences. Hopefully lots of adventures still to come! – Laura


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