The London Shard

The Shard, April 2016

One of the newest buildings by Renzo Piano, the Shard is distinct in the London skyline. Probably because it is 95 levels high.

And if you hadn’t already guessed, the name is due to the fact it looks like a shard of glass. Naming buildings based on the objects they look like is a common past time in London, like the Walkie Talkie or the Gherkin (both of which can be seen from the top of the Shard!).

The Shard is mostly office space (I am led to believe) however the public can access the 68th and 69th interior floors and the 72nd exterior floor, with the promise of a champagne bar at the top!

When I went up to the top, a storm was rolling in. Seeing the menacing clouds rolling in over the tall buildings was a great view, however the concern of lightening did limit the amount of time on the exterior top deck.

View from the Shard, April 2016
View from the Shard, April 2016
The Shard, April 2016

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