The Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle, April 2016

Located in the south of England, the quaint town of Arundel is distinguished by Arundel Castle. Dating back to the medieval ages, complete with extensive gardens and its own Catholic chapel, there is one aspect that trumps all others: this castle continues to be inhabited to this day.

The Duke of Norfolk and his family live in this castle, and it continues to be passed on generation to generation through the male line.

Arundel Castle, April 2016
The Keep, Arundel Castle, April 2016

This castle has centuries of history, with The Keep being the oldest part. Ever since then it has been added to, lived in and making history. The fact that a family continues to live in the castle means that history continues to be created, with each dinner they host and guest that visits. That can’t be said for many historical castles.

The area of the castle that is open to the public does feel like a museum, documenting past events. One difference being that while walking down the halls with portraits depicting past dukes and duchesses they suddenly become modern, with painted portraits from this decade.

The Gardens

Visiting at the end of April meant that the massive tulips were in full bloom.

The Chapel

Chapel, Arundel Castle, April 2016

The chapel on the grounds actually remained Catholic; rare in Protestant England.

The front half of the building is used as a church and reserved for gatherings. The rear half is the burial place for previous dukes and duchesses.


After visiting this castle, I can see what all the fuss was about in those fairy tales. It wasn’t just about getting the prince, it was about living in a historical castle with endless gardens.


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