The Marseillais MuCEM

MuCEM, April 2016

An architect’s dream, like something out of a render.

Designed by Rudy Ricciotti, the MuCEM rests on the coast along Marseille’s center. This museum provided exhibitions pertaining to the Mediterranean, however I was preoccupied with admiring the building and being outside in the beautiful weather, and confess I didn’t spend any time in the exhibitions.

Double skin of the MuCEM, April 2016

Let’s start with the obvious – the facade. This giant rectangular building is covered in this sinuous concrete mesh shell. I repeat, concrete (a mouthwatering realization for architects). Walking through this double skin, with the shadows dancing on the pathway, my inner architect was giddy. This space – the threshold (the conceptual dream land of architects) – was not inside nor outside, you can inhabitant the in-between (another mouthwatering moment).

Fort Saint-Jean and MuCEM, April 2016

This building is connected to the old Fort Saint-Jean by this singular bridge crossing the port – the ultimate ‘old meets new’ symbolism.


Crossing over to the fort, there are levels upon levels filled with gardens. While I was there, there also seemed to be a flower market taking place.

It is interesting that this fort and the new museum are considered to be part of the same museum, and yet they are from two completely different worlds.



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