The Marseillais Calanques

Calanque Sugiton, April 2016

Alternative title: Becoming a mountain goat.

I spent the day at the Calanques in Marseille (or more particularly, the Calanque Sugiton) and it was one of the best hikes I have ever been on, complete with scenic vistas, perfect weather, and sunburned shoulders.

Calanque Sugiton, April 2016

In case you are wondering what a ‘calanque’ is exactly (a term I had never heard before this trip), it is a narrow inlet of the sea along the mountainous Mediterranean coast.

Calanque Sugiton, April 2016

I’ll admit, I am hard to impress, but as I climbed the rocky trail and reached a peak overlooking the coast I was amazed. I hadn’t known what to expect but I guarantee this hike surpassed any preconceptions – pictures from Wikipedia didn’t come close to depicting the experience standing atop this rocky passage.

The beating sun, the gentle ocean breeze, the sound of crashing waves, the fear of toppling over the edge of the shear cliff.

Everything added up to a great adventure.

Calanque Sugiton, April 2016

If you do venture to this great national park I would highly recommend bringing water, sunscreen, a map, and a picnic lunch – none of which I had the foresight to bring. I like to think of myself as an outdoors-woman, but clearly a very ill prepared one.


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