The Venetian Churches

Venice is jam packed full of churches. Scattered throughout the island, these churches each have their own history. They have now become a main tourist attraction, and many charge an admittance fee. Almost every street has a church on it, or at least that is how it feels looking at a map, but unless you are consciously looking around you may miss it because they churches are so deeply embedded into the urban fabric.

Here are some of the notable churches that I visited while in Venice:

San Marco Basilica

This 11th century basilica acts as one side of the large Piazza San Marco. Arguably the church of Venice, it is constantly swarmed by tourists. I happened to be there on Palm Sunday (note the palm leaves in one of the images above), where they had a ceremony in the morning, although I am not entirely sure what happened due to the sea of heads in front of me.

Doge’s Palace, Venice, March 2016

Doge’s Palace

Alright, so this isn’t a church but it is located adjacent to San Marco Basilica. This is a palace built for the Doge (the highest official of Venice – not the internet meme…)

San Giorgio Maggiore

Designed by Andre Palladio in the 16th century, the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore resides on the island San Giorgio Maggiore. Almost the entire island is dedicated this massive church. It can be seen from San Marco Square, however sometimes the fog is so thick you can only faintly make out the shape.

Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari

I just happened to walk by this church and was impressed by its size. This is one of the churches that charges for admission, so I did not shell out to tour the interior but I did take a peak and saw the huge vaulted ceilings.


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