The Colour of Burano

Burano, March 2016

Burano is another island in the Venetian Lagoon, known for handmade lace and the brightly painted houses. A main industry of the island was fishing, and the houses were painted bright colours so they could be seen through thick fog. I was told different theories to explain the colour scheme, one being that each colour is associated with a particular family, and another saying that it is actually in accordance to a strict pattern enforced through government (although I failed to see any logic in this ‘pattern’).

As you approach Burano, there are smaller islands with crumbling ruins. While Burano continues to thrive, the monasteries of these islands have long been abandoned and the waves and wind erode what used to be. I would have loved to explore these islands, however I don’t believe it is particularly safe to trapeze through ruins, and I don’t think there is a way to access them without your own boat.


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