Murano Glass

Murano is a small island (or series of islands) in the Venetian Lagoon known for glass making and glass blowing. Glass manufacturing was moved to Murano centuries ago to protect the central city from potential fire hazards and, I have been told, to protect the secrets of the trade.

While I was there, I got to witness a demonstration of glass blowing. It was interesting to watch him work, moving quickly and fluidly – it is clear he had been doing this his whole life. It is a dying art, with no new generation to take over once the current generation retires.

Murano, March 2016

I was particularly impressed when he made this horse in a matter of minutes. It was so beautiful – until someone brushed the table as they walked by and the figurine toppled over and smashed on the floor. Although, seeing glass go from being pulled and stretched to smashing a minute later was a testament to unique quality of the material.


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