The Venetian Streets

Venice, March 2016

This past week I traveled to the islands of Venice to enjoy warm weather and an abundance of Italian gelato and pizza. The whole city feels like it is designed for the tourists with souvenir shops down every street, overpriced gondola rides, and the perpetuation of a historical and romantic atmosphere. And with that, swarms of crowds!

Venice, March 2016

Despite the eerie feeling that this city has turned into a giant tourist attraction, I was still absorbed into it and loved walking along the narrow streets. Every detail of the city added to the character.

Venice, March 2016

The charm of the city during the day continues past sunset when the dim reflection of the moonlight on the water turns into an entirely poetic experience. And it is through these little details that Venice is able to enchant you, and suddenly you realize that all of the great things people say about Venice are true. Despite the crowds and frequent smell of sewage, you fall in love with the city.

Flower Stand, Venice, March 2016
Venice, March 2016
Restaurant along the Grand Canal, Venice, March 2016
Venice, March 2016


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