The London Tourist

London Eye
London Eye, February 2016

This is the last of the posts about my trip to England. It has been a couple weeks since I left England, and since then I find that the thing I miss most is the simplicity of being able to speak to everyone in English (living in Paris with the daily challenge of trying to learn a new language makes everything just a little bit more complicated).

I wanted to share the final few images from London – to prove that I did all the things a good tourist ought to do.

London_National Gallery2

London_National Gallery
The National Gallery, London, February 2016

There are free museums throughout London, and you can bet I took advantage of that fact. On the edge of Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery (as well as the National Portrait Gallery) sits proud, as the classic art gallery, filled with the works of many greats from centuries past.

Trafalgar Square, February 2016

And in the center of Trafalgar Square are the famous lions.

Natural History Museum, London, February 2016

I was mostly intrigued by the architecture of the Natural History Museum, as the exhibits are hosted inside an exquisite building. Also note the crowds of people (due to it being ‘half term’ in England for the school children), making it difficult to actually see any of the exhibits.


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