The London Holland Park

Safestay Hostel, Holland Park, February 2016

For a night we stayed in a hostel located in Holland Park. We arrived late at night, when everything was dark, meandering down this long path in hopes we would eventually find it. After a fair walk we arrived at reception and almost immediately went to sleep (in our 33 person room!)

When I woke in the morning, I had some time to wonder the premises and what I had not realized the night that we had arrived was that it is actually a beautiful park with history.


The Holland House was a grand house built in the 1600’s. However, during the Blitz of World War II, it was bombed. Today, only the east wing and some of the ground floor remain – and have been turned into a hostel! I hadn’t realized at the time, but I had slept (or at least tried to sleep among the field of snoring and coughing) in a historical landmark.

Wildlife siting, Holland Park, February 2016

The park itself was gorgeous – and strangely enough filled with families of peacocks.

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