The London Millennium Bridge

I have long since returned to Paris after a trip to England in February, however I still have some things I want to post from my trip.

My classes in Paris started two weeks ago and I am already deep into the workload. I am hoping to catch a day every now and then to get out and explore Paris, but for now, in between school assignments I will finish posting about my previous explorations in the English speaking world.

Millennium Bridge, February 2016

The Millennium Bridge was actually a very neat bridge. Built in 2000 to commemorate the turn of the millennium (hence the name), it is very modern in its engineering and sleek design.

Millennium Bridge, February 2016

It is technically a suspension bridge, however it is far from the typical ‘Golden Gates’ style suspension bridge.

Millennium Bridge, February 2016



Easter Egg: This bridge can be seen in the sixth Harry Potter movie – how very British.


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